Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Authors I Have Discovered - Part II

My second list of 10 favorite authors that I have discovered in the last four years in no particular order are as follows: 

Ambrose Ibsen 

Wow! What to say about this author except he can write some awesome ghost stories that can grab the reader and weave a spell around them keeping them entranced into his world. My first book by him was A House By The Sea and I just loved the book so much that I gave it five stars and it went straight on my favorites shelf. Since then I have read quite a few of his books and I am always impressed at how he can weave a story! 

Favorite books are:

A House By The Sea
Stirrings in the Black House
Night Society

Brian Moreland 
(Horror/Suspense Thrillers)

Another horror author that can grab the reader from basically the first chapter in a book and keep them pinned in their chair for a very long time! My first book was Dead of Winter which was excellent and went on my favorites shelf! From that point on after reading that book I was searching for whatever else I could find by this author and believe me I found some that are also now favorites as well! 

Favorite books are:

Dead of Winter
Witching House
The Devil's Woods

Glenn Rolfe

So if you want to take a ride into the mind of this author, you better strap in from head to toe as it will soon be a ride you will not forget! My first book was Chasing Ghosts and all I can say is I wish I had been able to buy a gore suit as it was needed for this read! This book ended up on my favorites shelf as I went pursuing more books by this author! 

Favorite books are:

Chasing Ghosts
Land of Bones

Hunter Shea 

So if you like "creature feature" books then this is the author you will want to pursue to the ends of the earth!!! I kid you not!  Author, Hunter Shea can take an ordinary creature and turn them into your most twisted nightmare! This author has never disappointed me on any of his "creature" books and I am always ready to track down whatever he has "crawling or creeping" around out there! 

Favorite books are:

Montauk Monster
Jurassic Florida

Brian Keene

Another horror author that I had never heard about until I stepped into his book "Dark Hollow" and when I did that there really was no turning back! I was like captured right away from the first chapter and the atmosphere of the book just was downright creepy! I literally wanted to stay in that world the author created and did not want to put the book down! 

Favorite books are:

Dark Hollow
Ghost Walk

Anna Willett
(Suspense and Psychological Thrillers)

My first book by author, Anna Willett was Backwoods Ripper which I read in November 2016 and what a "rip roaring" good time it was too as I was grabbed right away from the first chapter as the author builds up the suspense of the story and I completely became involved in the story so much that I just could not put the book down! Fast paced and intrigue dashes through the book to the point where I was moving through the book at a high rate of speed. There was no slowing down as the storyline just intensified! I have read one more book by this author, but I have four more on my kindle waiting to be read! 

Favorite books are:

Backwoods Ripper 
Retribution Ridge

John Everson 

My first book by author, John Everson just grabbed me and thew me into a world of terror. I read his book The Covenant back in 2017 which is really part of trilogy that I have yet to finish (I do own the rest of the books in the trilogy) and I was just amazed at how quick I became involved in the storyline. The author is able to grab the reader and bring them into his world without ever letting them go. The second book I read by the author sent me onto another terror filled ride as I read his book The House By The Cemetery and wow what a bloody fest that turned out to be. Since then I have been grabbing what I can by this author and now I have a few sitting on my kindle that I need to read! 

Favorite books are:

The Covenant
The House By The Cemetery
The 13th

Amy Cross

When I first read this author I wasn't expecting that I would be buying her books at a high rate of speed as the more she released the more I would buy! My first book by her was Blood House and the cover of the book was what drew me in as it is "blood red" which I couldn't help myself as I had to delve into the story to see what it was all about! The book wasn't long - a short story at 128 pages, but I read it literally within 24 hours as I was not able to put it down! Since then I have over 100+ books of her on my kindle as she is constantly writing books! I haven't read all of those 100+ books as I am slowly making my way through them, but the more she puts out the more I grab so I never get caught up! 

Favorite books are:

Blood House
The Ghosts of Lakeforth Hotel
The Ghost of Molly Holt

David Bernstein

My first book by this author was Relic of Death which was a fast paced book and literally ensnared me where I could not put the book down! There were so many twists in the book that I did not know where it was going to take me! But I loved it so much that I finished the book within 24 hours as I just could not break away from it as I had to keep reading to see how it all ended! The author has a writing style that just pulls the reader into his world and makes the reader feel that they are part of the story. I have a few more of his books on my kindle waiting to be read. 

Favorite books are:

Relic of Death
Witch Island

Iain Rob Wright
(Horror/Science Fiction/Thrillers)

My first book by this author ended up being a five star read as what a blood fest I entered into when I became involved in the story! I was surprised that I was brought into the mind of the author quick and transported into the horrific imagination of the author! The book was Housemates and it was one of those books that you get so involved in that you just do not want to go to sleep! I stayed up "nights" reading the book as there was no way I was going to be able to sleep till I found out what laid within the "next chapter"! I didn't sleep much when reading this book I can tell you that right now! :)  I have a few more by this author waiting to be read on my kindle! 

Favorite books are:

The Picture Frame

That is all for this week - more authors to be added soon!

Happy Reading Everyone! 

Jurassic Florida

Five "fun" stars! 

Wow! This book was my first book ever by author, Hunter Shea and when I saw it the cover just attracted me as I live in Florida so the book looked like fun! When I read this book in 2018, I was looking for something "different" in horror and I found it with this book! 

What I wasn't expecting though was a fabulous romping adventure that turned this book into a bloody gore fest with creatures running loose in the streets and it took me on a fun-filled ride into terror! 

The author, Hunter Shea is a master at writing "creature feature" books and I was entranced from the first chapter onward to the end of the book as I could literally not put this book down! 

Since I do live in Florida, I cannot imagine "Jurassic Park" type of creatures running rampant all over the state! What a nightmare that would be! But thankfully, it is all in the author's mind so I guess I am safe! :)

Highly recommend to all horror fans that love "creature feature" books as you will not be disappointed! 

For my full review of the book Jurassic Florida, please see my review from Goodreads:

Attached is the profile page from the author from Goodreads:

Attached is the profile page from the author from Amazon:

Saturday, May 23, 2020

The Demonic

Five "scary" stars!

One of my "discovered horror authors" that I read in 2017 and what a scary ride it has been since then with all the other books the author has written. This book just seeps "creepiness and spooky vibes" by just looking at it. I was not disappointed either when I read it! 

The author, Lee Mountford has a way to pull the reader into his world and literally makes you feel as if you are experiencing the same thing as the characters. This book just brings on the dreaded feeling as you walk the halls of the house, you can feel that creepy atmosphere surround you as the haunting takes you to a level of heightened awareness! 

I almost felt that this book could literally become one of those "true paranormal" reads as with the demonic haunting pulsating out of the book it truly felt that this book could be considered "true" as the demon that haunts the place is as bad as what a true demon would be probably be like in real life!

The author is able to capture the essence of the haunting and project it toward the reader as you delve further into the story. The book stays with you long after you put it down too as you digest all what took place within the story!  Highly recommend for all horror fans! 

For my full review of the book The Demonic, please see my review from Goodreads:

Attached is the profile page of the author from Goodreads:

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Thursday, May 21, 2020

The Metaframe War Series (Books 1 - 5)

Wow! What to say about this series....well there is actually quite a bit to say!

The author, Graeme Rodaughan created a world that includes vampires/vampire hunters along with loads of cinematic movie action and lots of moving parts within the storyline. I would consider this series to be an "EPIC" series as there is so much that happens within all the books that you basically have to keep notes to remember what has taken place as the series progresses. The series is far from over and it is still a work in progress.

There are "tons" of characters and supporting characters in this series as well, but once you get into the storyline and move through the books some of the characters does not change. The storyline becomes more involved within the world of the Metaframe from book one to book five and the characters grow right along with the series.

I stepped out of my comfort zone back in 2016 as though I use to watch vampire movies, I had never really read books about them, so when I saw this book I was a little wary on reading a book about vampires, but the blurb of the book made me want to step into that world to see what it was all about as it seemed to be loaded with action and all I can say now is that I am thrilled to have taken that "giant leap" out of my comfort zone as what a thrilling ride it has been!

The writing style of the author is excellent and the action scenes that he weaves within the story are masterful! Reading the action scenes literally becomes a movie reel in your head as the visual aspects of the scenes flows in your mind and with every scene you feel that you are sitting in a movie theatre with the pulse pounding action playing out before your eyes!

Jumping aboard this "vampire train" was the best decision I have ever made as in my honest opinion this series is one of the best urban fantasy vampire action series out there!

Listed below are the books in the series and they are listed in order. The books must be read in order to understand the storyline! The books are not stand alone novels! I have also added links to my reviews under each book to give you more of an insight to the books and the storyline. Highly recommend this series! 

A Subtle Agency

Five "Pulse Pounding" Stars!

My review from Goodreads

A Traitor's War

Five "Blazing" Stars!

My review from Goodreads

The Dragon's Den

Five "Cinema Action" Stars!

My review from Goodreads

The Day Guard

Five "Thrilling" Stars!

My review from Goodreads

The Crane War

Five "Booming" Stars!

My review from Goodreads

Also for even more added "spice" the author released an Omnibus back in March which consists of the first three books in one volume. I am adding the omnibus in here as well along with my review.

A Subtle Agency (Omnibus)

Five "Action Packed" Stars!

My review from Goodreads

I am also including the author, Graeme Rodaughan's profile page links from Goodreads, Amazon, and Bookbub for easy access.

Goodreads Profile Page

Amazon Profile Page

BookBub Profile Page

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Reader Etiquette - Book Reviews (General) - Part I

My thoughts on book reviews ranges far and wide.  This post is part of a bigger picture on book reviews and I will be doing more review posts in the future.

When I first started doing reviews on books I was really a novice as I was never one to go into detail on how a book made me feel. When I first started on doing reviews they were like one paragraph with not much to tell on the book itself.  I was disappointed in myself for not putting my "feelings" into the review, so I went cruising around Goodreads checking out different readers book reviews to see how they did their reviews and what were they doing to draw other readers to their review.

Some readers on Goodreads will literally tell a story about the book and how the book literally made them feel as they were reading it. Some readers even add pictures and gifs to get their point across on the book. Some readers do not tell a story at all and some just rate the book with no story telling. Everyone is different on how to do a review and how much information they are willing to put into the review itself. Everyone has their own opinion on how they want their review to look or what they want to say in the review.

This post I am doing is how I go about doing reviews and after spending a lot of time on Goodreads looking at different reviews, I decided to try my hand at the "story telling" part of the book as I figured I would want my review to be something that readers could see and feel what I was feeling as I read the book.

So I now do "story telling" reviews by giving a little background on what the story is about and how the story made me feel. I have even on some reviews added in gifs and pictures to get my point across. I like to mix it up on what I put into my reviews. The most important thing to me on doing book reviews is that I get my point of the book across to other readers so it will give them an idea on if the book sounds like it might be something they would want to read or not.
So those are my thoughts on book reviews in general.

Happy Reading Everyone!

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

House of Shadows - Book One

Another impressive haunting tale by author, Darcy Coates! This time the author went into the gothic realm and all I can say is: "Wow"!  The author really captured the feel of what "gothic" books are suppose to feel like and what I remember when I use to read gothic books years ago. 

I sat down to read this book knowing that it would definitely be an interesting ghostly read as that is what the author is known for mainly with her "haunting tales" that she weaves around the reader! 

What I wasn't expecting was to be so entranced with the book that I ended up reading almost 50 pages in one sitting! I kid you not! I did not move out my chair for "awhile" as I just could not lay the book down! Actually it was early morning hours before I thought I better go to sleep and even then I "really" did not want to lay it down, but sleep won out finally and I did lay the book down. 

I am not going to go into details of storyline on here as I will be attaching my review which gives more of the backstory. I just love the haunting stories of this author as she always seems to capture the "mood" and "feel" of the storyline and literally brings the reader into her world! If the character/characters are "feeling" things within the house, the reader will be feeling it as well! So just a little example of what you will experience: if a door slams you will hear it; if there are whispers on the wind, you will hear it; if there are footsteps creaking up the stairs, you will hear it; and if there is "something" breathing in your ear, you will hear it! 

So if you want a book that will surround you with a haunting setting and you are just in the mood for a classic gothic book then by all means go grab this book as you will not be disappointed! Oh and by the way, there is a sequel to this book which I have already bought and it is waiting to be read on my kindle! 

For my full review of the book House of Shadows - Book One, please see my review from Goodreads.

Attached is the profile page from the author at Goodreads:

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Saturday, May 16, 2020

Authors I Have Discovered - Part I

I let everyone know in my post of Reader Thoughts - Indie Authors that I have bought loads of books in the last four years or so. I have decided to list authors that I have discovered from those "buys" and that I have added to my reading pile. I am going to provide their names, what type of genre they write, links to their Goodreads profiles, a little synopsis of why I love these authors and favorite books and/or series by them. This will be an ongoing series post as well. This time I am only listing 10 authors. More authors to come in the following weeks!

Here are my first 10 authors in no particular order - all are favorites! 

David Haynes 

I have read almost all his books and still have a few more on my kindle that I need to read. Great writing style - the author is able to pull the reader into his world quickly and usually between the first to third chapter you are basically tied into the book!

Favorite books are: 

The Bookshop From Hell
Dead Crow

Duncan Ralston 

I have read almost all of his books - I think I have maybe three to four that I need to read yet. This author has the ability to grab you from the get-go and likes to build up a crescendo before he lowers the boom! :-)  Once you have entered his world there is no escape! :-)

Favorite books are:

The Method

Graeme Rodaughan 
(UF/Fantasy/Science Fiction/Thriller)

I have read all his books and have reread them a few times already! This author is writing an urban fantasy vampire series that rocks along on a high speed train full of so much action that you will think you have landed in the midst of a movie! This series is loaded with all kinds of characters and lots of weapons! There is tons of different things happening within this series! None of the books are stand alone - they must be read in order to achieve the full story of the series.  Once you enter the world of this author you better strap yourself in as there will be no exit till the end of the series! :-)    Note: The order of the books is listed below.

Favorite books are: 

The Metaframe War Series:

A Subtle Agency   
A Traitor's War       
The Dragon's Den
The Day Guard 
The Crane War     

Julia Ash 
(Dark Fantasy/Fantasy/Horror/Paranormal)

I have read all of her books and this author has a very cool trilogy which also has vampires, but the world she has created encompasses a broad scope of themes. These books are not stand alone - you must read them in order to understand the storyline of the trilogy. The characters she has created evolve from the first book to the last book!  Once you enter her world and become involved in the trilogy, you will not want to leave as you will want to see what happens next!    Note: The order of the trilogy is listed below.

Favorite books are:  

The Eli Chronicles:

The One and Only
The Tether
The Turning Point

Darcy Coates 

My first book by this author was "Amazing"! I was hooked for life! This author knows how to weave ghost stories and hauntings that will have you screaming for more! I have read a few books by her and have a few more on my kindle. I am actually "currently reading" one of her books right now which is so good! When you read her books it feels like you have been transported into her world literally as the stories that she creates weaves into your mind and slowly draws you into the world she has created! 

Favorite books are:

The Carrow Haunt
Craven Manor
The Haunting of Blackwood House

Angel Gelique 
(Horror/Extreme Horror)

I have read all her books except for maybe two. If you feel the need to "walk on the wild side" this is the author to read for that adventure! There are warning labels all over her books as she writes things that will make you squirm! Oh, you think I am kidding?!  The extreme horror that she writes will take you places that your grandma would never go I can tell you that right now! This author will build up the storyline drawing you further into her world with every turn of the page to the point where once you are into the story there is no turning back - you must plunge on to the end of the book! Now she does have some stand alone books, but she also has a couple of series, so the series needs to be read in order to understand the storylines. 

Favorite books are:

Man Cave

David Brian 

I have read almost all of his books too and have a few more to read on my kindle. This author can grab you from the beginning of the book too and will shoot you forward into the storyline of the books.  Storylines and characters will draw you in quickly. Once you start reading his books it will be hard to put them down! 

Favorite books are:

Big Bad
Damnation Game
Dark Albion

Lee Mountford 

Now I have read a few by this author and a few more to go are on my kindle. This author does a lot of haunting/supernatural books. The writing style is top notch and draws the reader in quickly usually before chapter three. My first book by this author was like "Wow"!  I read the book and I was thinking "Cool - I need to buy some more of his books!" Which I did by the way! I have quite a few on my kindle waiting to be read! 

Favorite books are:

The Demonic
Horror In The Woods

Matt Shaw
(Horror/Extreme Horror)

Another "walk on the wild side" type of author! I consider him to be the "King of Extreme" as there are "extreme" levels he will take you to that you have never been before! If you like your action mixed with blood, gore, and other "interesting things" then by all means check out his work!

Favorite books are:

The Farm 
The Farm 2
How Much To..?

Jay Raven 

Another author that loves vampires! His books are creative and will sweep you along into the gothic horror world. Writing style is also top notch. He will slowly draw the reader into his world, but once you are there, you cannot go back. I was impressed when I read his book Crimson Siege last year and it made my 2019 top reads of the year! It is also on my favorites shelf.  His second book, Daylight's Deadly Kiss (which is also excellent) just released about a month ago and both books are part of the Blood Rider series. The characters and storyline just seep into your soul!

Favorite books are:  

Blood Riders Series:

Crimson Siege
Daylight's Deadly Kiss

Well that is all for this week - will add more favorite authors in the coming weeks. 

Happy Reading Everyone!