Tuesday, May 19, 2020

House of Shadows - Book One

Another impressive haunting tale by author, Darcy Coates! This time the author went into the gothic realm and all I can say is: "Wow"!  The author really captured the feel of what "gothic" books are suppose to feel like and what I remember when I use to read gothic books years ago. 

I sat down to read this book knowing that it would definitely be an interesting ghostly read as that is what the author is known for mainly with her "haunting tales" that she weaves around the reader! 

What I wasn't expecting was to be so entranced with the book that I ended up reading almost 50 pages in one sitting! I kid you not! I did not move out my chair for "awhile" as I just could not lay the book down! Actually it was early morning hours before I thought I better go to sleep and even then I "really" did not want to lay it down, but sleep won out finally and I did lay the book down. 

I am not going to go into details of storyline on here as I will be attaching my review which gives more of the backstory. I just love the haunting stories of this author as she always seems to capture the "mood" and "feel" of the storyline and literally brings the reader into her world! If the character/characters are "feeling" things within the house, the reader will be feeling it as well! So just a little example of what you will experience: if a door slams you will hear it; if there are whispers on the wind, you will hear it; if there are footsteps creaking up the stairs, you will hear it; and if there is "something" breathing in your ear, you will hear it! 

So if you want a book that will surround you with a haunting setting and you are just in the mood for a classic gothic book then by all means go grab this book as you will not be disappointed! Oh and by the way, there is a sequel to this book which I have already bought and it is waiting to be read on my kindle! 

For my full review of the book House of Shadows - Book One, please see my review from Goodreads.


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