Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Reader Etiquette - Book Reviews (General) - Part I

My thoughts on book reviews ranges far and wide.  This post is part of a bigger picture on book reviews and I will be doing more review posts in the future.

When I first started doing reviews on books I was really a novice as I was never one to go into detail on how a book made me feel. When I first started on doing reviews they were like one paragraph with not much to tell on the book itself.  I was disappointed in myself for not putting my "feelings" into the review, so I went cruising around Goodreads checking out different readers book reviews to see how they did their reviews and what were they doing to draw other readers to their review.

Some readers on Goodreads will literally tell a story about the book and how the book literally made them feel as they were reading it. Some readers even add pictures and gifs to get their point across on the book. Some readers do not tell a story at all and some just rate the book with no story telling. Everyone is different on how to do a review and how much information they are willing to put into the review itself. Everyone has their own opinion on how they want their review to look or what they want to say in the review.

This post I am doing is how I go about doing reviews and after spending a lot of time on Goodreads looking at different reviews, I decided to try my hand at the "story telling" part of the book as I figured I would want my review to be something that readers could see and feel what I was feeling as I read the book.

So I now do "story telling" reviews by giving a little background on what the story is about and how the story made me feel. I have even on some reviews added in gifs and pictures to get my point across. I like to mix it up on what I put into my reviews. The most important thing to me on doing book reviews is that I get my point of the book across to other readers so it will give them an idea on if the book sounds like it might be something they would want to read or not.
So those are my thoughts on book reviews in general.

Happy Reading Everyone!


  1. Thank you for sharing your approach to reviews, Marie! I think your reviews do an excellent job of helping readers decide if the book sounds right for them! What I personally love about your reviews is the enthusiasm that shines through in the books you really enjoy!!! More than anything else, when a reviewer I respect has enthusiasm for a book, I know I've got to take a closer look!!! Great blog, Marie!!!

    1. Thank you so much, Julia! I do so love to "story tell" as I try to look at it from other readers point of view and what they "feel" when reading my reviews! :)