Thursday, May 7, 2020

Reader Thoughts - Indie Authors

Thoughts not only for today but everyday.

I am a big indie author supporter and have been supporting the indie author community for a few years now. I do read main stream authors too, but I also lean toward non main stream authors. They are the ones that struggle with getting their books noticed. 

When I first started reading books by indie authors I was really impressed by the creativity of the stories. I thought to myself "Wow - this is really good"!  So good in fact that the stories were just as good as stories written by the main stream authors. So I started branching out more into the non main stream world as I wanted to see what was out there. 

I started finding "tons of books" by indie authors in all different genres! I am thinking to myself "Cool - there are more books to be found", so I went on the hunt for more books to add to my ever growing pile of books. 

Normally those kind of authors have their book prices set low so that readers can access their books at a lower price to try them out. I would do the "samples" first to see if I liked the writing style and story of the author. By doing it that way I was able to discover new authors to add to my reading pile. 

Also having a kindle fire made it that much simpler as I was able to grab books at my fingertips and download them at a fast rate of speed! In the first year of my new found love of indie authors, I downloaded well over 1,500 books! I was on a roll as the books were either free or priced below the four dollar mark, so I just would grab whatever I could as I didn't know when those books would ever be available again at the price I was getting them for, so my kindle was hungry for more! :) 

As of this writing, I am now the proud owner of over four thousand kindle books and 95% of those are indie authors. Indie authors are truly the "cream of the crop" as their books and stories have just as much passion for their work as the main stream authors do.  Just because they are indie authors do not make them any less in the sight of the author world. They too have great stories that need telling and I am happy to say that at least I try to make an effort to grab whatever book becomes available from the indie author community. I will keep supporting them and will buy whatever I can when I can. Maybe by this time next year I will have another 1,500 books added to my ever growing tbr pile and I will be over the 5,000 book mark!

Okay I am off of here as I need to go buy some books! :) 

Happy Reading Folks! :)


  1. As an indie author, I want to thank you soooo much for supporting the indie community!!! It means so much and I am truly grateful :) And 1,500 eBooks is AMAZING!!! You are the best, Marie!!!

    1. Thank you Julia! Oh it was 1,500 but now it is 3,000! LOL I just love books! Indie Author addiction! LOL :-)

  2. Great blog post Marie, you're awesome. Happy reading.

  3. It’s true, are totally awesome and amazing! Thank you for taking a chance on indie authors. We all appreciate your support!

  4. I'll also throw some weight behind Julia's comment. Well done, Marie. Keep up the good work!