Thursday, May 21, 2020

The Metaframe War Series (Books 1 - 5)

Wow! What to say about this series....well there is actually quite a bit to say!

The author, Graeme Rodaughan created a world that includes vampires/vampire hunters along with loads of cinematic movie action and lots of moving parts within the storyline. I would consider this series to be an "EPIC" series as there is so much that happens within all the books that you basically have to keep notes to remember what has taken place as the series progresses. The series is far from over and it is still a work in progress.

There are "tons" of characters and supporting characters in this series as well, but once you get into the storyline and move through the books some of the characters does not change. The storyline becomes more involved within the world of the Metaframe from book one to book five and the characters grow right along with the series.

I stepped out of my comfort zone back in 2016 as though I use to watch vampire movies, I had never really read books about them, so when I saw this book I was a little wary on reading a book about vampires, but the blurb of the book made me want to step into that world to see what it was all about as it seemed to be loaded with action and all I can say now is that I am thrilled to have taken that "giant leap" out of my comfort zone as what a thrilling ride it has been!

The writing style of the author is excellent and the action scenes that he weaves within the story are masterful! Reading the action scenes literally becomes a movie reel in your head as the visual aspects of the scenes flows in your mind and with every scene you feel that you are sitting in a movie theatre with the pulse pounding action playing out before your eyes!

Jumping aboard this "vampire train" was the best decision I have ever made as in my honest opinion this series is one of the best urban fantasy vampire action series out there!

Listed below are the books in the series and they are listed in order. The books must be read in order to understand the storyline! The books are not stand alone novels! I have also added links to my reviews under each book to give you more of an insight to the books and the storyline. Highly recommend this series! 

A Subtle Agency

Five "Pulse Pounding" Stars!

My review from Goodreads

A Traitor's War

Five "Blazing" Stars!

My review from Goodreads

The Dragon's Den

Five "Cinema Action" Stars!

My review from Goodreads

The Day Guard

Five "Thrilling" Stars!

My review from Goodreads

The Crane War

Five "Booming" Stars!

My review from Goodreads

Also for even more added "spice" the author released an Omnibus back in March which consists of the first three books in one volume. I am adding the omnibus in here as well along with my review.

A Subtle Agency (Omnibus)

Five "Action Packed" Stars!

My review from Goodreads

I am also including the author, Graeme Rodaughan's profile page links from Goodreads, Amazon, and Bookbub for easy access.

Goodreads Profile Page

Amazon Profile Page

BookBub Profile Page


  1. I respect your opinion so much, Marie, which is why I didn't hesitate to delve into this series! And I'm loving the dividends!!! The action scenes are "pulse pounding action" that would be awesome on a movie screen with surround sound!!! (Preferably with popcorn over nail biting!) Haha!!! Excellent overview of this fantastic series, Marie :)

    1. Thank you, Julia! Surround sound would definitely make that action truly felt all around us! LOL Oh and popcorn would definitely be a better solution then nail biting! LOL :-)