Friday, November 27, 2020

Afterlife: Ghostland 2.0 (Ghostland Trilogy Book 2) by Duncan Ralston



Five "Ghost-Spooked" Stars

Wow! The next book in the Ghostland trilogy has struck gold again as I was flipping through pages faster than a speeding bullet with all the activity that was abounding within this book!

A very small taste of what is laying within these pages without giving away spoilers:

The villain, Rex Garrote is back and is causing havoc in the town of Duck Falls, but that is not the only thing happening as there are murders being committed too which sends this book into "high ghost gear" and the characters Lilian and Ben are back as they are now freeing trapped spirits. 

That is about all I can give in a "taste" as you will have to read the rest of my review over on Goodreads for a touch more of what to expect.

As always with books by author, Duncan Ralston there is to be expected some blood and gore along with plenty of action, so I knew when I first started reading the book that the crap was going to be hitting the fan and it was soon coming down the pike! I was not disappointed as that is exactly what happened and I am still feeling the effects of the book a day later! 

Small note: The book releases on December 9th and is up for pre-order on Amazon. 

For my full review of the book, Afterlife: Ghostland 2.0, by author, Duncan Ralston, please see my review from Goodreads:

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